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Roaming the roads on the back of your motorcycle is an incredible feeling, and avoiding traffic is also a nice plus. Still, you cannot completely disregard the odds of something bad taking place, which is why knowing a motorcycle accident attorney is important.

For this article, we will talk at length about the topic of motorcycle accidents. Find out the common causes of those accidents and the injuries that may stem from them. More importantly, learn about tips that can keep you safe while you are riding your motorcycle.

Learning more about motorcycle accidents is important if you want to continue taking to the road on your two-wheeler. Continue with this article to pick up the details you will need.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Accidents can happen no matter which mode of transportation you prefer to use. The same goes for motorcycles.

The Insurance Information Institute notes that 5,014 motorcycle riders lost their lives due to an accident of some kind in 2019. That comes out to a rate of 58.33 fatalities per 100,000 registered motorcycles.

If we are accounting for all injuries sustained from motorcycle accidents, the numbers go up significantly.

An estimated 84,000 injuries were attributed to riding a motorcycle back in 2019. If we are going by the accident rate again, you will see that the number turns out to be 975 injuries per 100,000 registered motorcycles.

There is one more statistic about motorcycle accidents you should be aware of.

Compared to the occupants of passenger cars, motorcycle riders are nearly twenty-nine times more likely to die because of a crash if you are referencing fatalities per vehicle miles traveled. It is a surprising statistic and one you should know. The importance of staying safe on the road hits home when you understand how costly a motorcycle crash can be.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

To be as safe as possible while you are on the road, you must know about the common causes of motorcycle accidents. We have detailed them below, so please feel free to go through them.

Blind Spots

One of the major differences between riding a motorcycle and driving a passenger car is the need to make yourself visible.

When you are driving a passenger car, you can be easily spotted. Cars take up a lot of space on the road, and you can see them from multiple angles. You do not need to worry about driving into someone’s blind spot unless there is a truck nearby.

Motorcycle riders do not have that luxury.

Riders who fail to make themselves visible to other vehicles nearby can get accidentally hit. When even a minor bump can cause you to fall over, you must always be mindful of your positioning on the road.

Turning Vehicles

You expect the other motorists on the road with you to be always cautious and aware of their surroundings. It is a nice thought, but we all know that careless drivers exist.

Motorcycle riders need to be especially aware of drivers who are coming around a corner. Some drivers tend to speed through a turn without paying attention to what could be beside them. While moving forward, your motorcycle could get caught in the car’s turning motion.

Check for turn signals whenever you’re at an intersection. If you know the vehicle beside you is planning to turn, you should be more cautious about speeding up.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting, otherwise known as the practice of riding between two lanes, is legal in California. A rider uses it to avoid getting bogged down in traffic.

Although lane splitting is completely legal in the Golden State, that does not mean it is without risk. The unpredictable behavior of other drivers can again be the cause of problems here.

Some drivers will crowd the middle of those lanes. If they do not see you, they could end up hitting your motorcycle.

Falling over in a crowd of vehicles can be dangerous. That is why you must be careful whenever you engage in lane splitting.

Lane Switching

Motorcycle riders ride along the middle of two lanes to move ahead of traffic. Obviously, cars cannot do that. Instead of lane splitting, you will see some cars switch from one lane to the next continuously.

When done safely, switching lanes is not a problem. The real issue is when drivers swerve around carelessly without being mindful of the other motorists around them. If they do not see you before switching lanes, they could bump into your two-wheeler and cause you to tumble over.

Environmental Hazards

Lastly, environmental hazards can also pose a great threat to motorcycles.

Environmental hazards such as wet roads and potholes are dangerous for all vehicles, but they can be especially threatening to motorcycles. Maintaining your balance when you are on two wheels is harder than staying in control of a passenger vehicle. Being aware of all those environmental hazards is always important when you are riding a motorcycle.

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries from motorcycle accidents can vary wildly in terms of severity. Let’s go over some of the more common injuries people sustain from motorcycle accidents and discuss the impact they can leave behind.

Road Rash

Of the different injuries you may sustain from a motorcycle crash, road rash is probably the least worrisome. Road rash is like a combination of a scratch and a burn. The rugged road will scratch up your skin while all that friction tends to make the point of contact feel hot.

A typical example of road rash can be somewhat painful, but you will be fine for the most part. You may be left with a scar after the ordeal, though.

Deeper road rash needs more immediate treatment. You will need to get the wound cleaned properly to avoid an infection.

Broken Bones

Vehicular accidents of any kind can lead to the people involved suffering from fractured bones. However, motorcycle riders are especially susceptible to them.

Your legs are susceptible to injury when you are on a motorcycle. If the motorbike tips over, your leg could get rolled up underneath it. There is also a possibility that the motorcycle will fall on your leg directly.

Even your upper extremities are prone to fracturing. Your natural tendency to soften your fall by using your arms could turn out badly. You could end up breaking bones in your arms and hands by doing that.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

When motorcycle riders crash, they may sometimes fall to the side or even go over the handlebars. In either case, they cannot do much to brace themselves for impact. They may leave themselves exposed in ways that can lead to serious injury.

To be more specific, motorcycle riders can be susceptible to traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can have physical and cognitive effects on people. Protecting yourself against them is a must whenever you hop on your motorcycle.

Safety Tips for Riding Motorcycles

Motorcycle accidents can cause some truly serious injuries and even death in some cases. You must protect yourself as well as you possibly can before getting on a motorcycle.

Find out the different things you can do to protect yourself better by reading the tips below.

Maintain Your Motorcycle

We cannot stress enough how important it is for riders to keep a close eye on the condition of their motorcycle. Your two-wheeler needs to be in tip-top condition whenever you see it. The last thing you want is for some part of it to malfunction while you are moving down the road.

There is no such thing as monitoring your motorcycle too closely. Feel free to inspect it whenever you intend to take it out for a spin.

Gear Up

Apart from a well-maintained motorcycle, the most important piece of equipment for any rider is the helmet. A sturdy helmet can absorb a significant amount of force and save you from some potentially serious injuries. It can even keep your head protected from scratches and scrapes as you slide down the road after falling over.

When choosing a helmet, the National Safety Council reminds riders to only purchase those that come with a sticker from the Department of Transportation. The presence of that sticker means the helmet in question can provide ample protection for your brain and head in the event of a crash.

Full-coverage helmets are also wise purchases because they offer more protection.

The helmet is not the only piece of safety equipment you should consider investing in. There are also specially designed jackets and pants that riders can wear to prevent road rash. Special motorcycle boots provide added support to help stop your bones from breaking if you crash.

If you want to feel safer on the road while riding your motorcycle, gearing up will certainly help.

Practice Defensive Driving

We recommend defensive driving if you are riding a motorcycle. We already touched on how dangerous riding a motorbike can be due to blind spots and careless drivers. Ideally, the drivers around you will always be careful, but that is not guaranteed.

The best you can do is to manage your own driving style. Drive defensively, keep your speed in a safe range, and always be aware of your surroundings. Following those tips should help you avoid accidents caused by other motorists.

Avoid Riding with a Passenger Early On

One more thing you should know about riding a motorcycle is that it becomes way harder if you have a passenger. Controlling the motorcycle is tougher due to the added weight.

Hold off on welcoming passengers until you are a more experienced rider. Riding with a companion early on is asking for trouble.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you possibly can following the motorcycle accident. The assistance your lawyer can provide is essential during that time.

Discovering Who Is to Blame for the Accident

Finding out who is to blame for a motorcycle accident can be surprisingly complicated.

Even in a scenario where it was the car that hit you, the other side could argue that you are ultimately to blame for the accident. For instance, they could argue that you did a poor job of making yourself visible, which is why they crashed into you.

Experienced lawyers know exactly how to deal with those kinds of arguments. Partner up with a legal expert and count on them to poke holes in the defendant’s flimsy claims.

Working Out Appropriate Compensation

Winning the case is not the only goal when you file a personal injury lawsuit. Ensuring that they properly compensate you for what happened is arguably even more important.

The hope is that you can avoid serious injuries after a crash, but that is not guaranteed. You may need that money to pay off your current and future medical expenses. You also deserve compensation for all the losses you have incurred because of the accident.

Your lawyer can handle all the calculations required to figure out the appropriate compensation amount. They can lean on often used calculation methods to come up with the general damages in your case. They can also use documents to prove how much compensation in the form of actual damages you deserve.

Rest assured that you can secure the right amount of compensation with the help of your lawyer.

Filing on Time

Recovering from your accident-related injuries is going to take time. You cannot rush through the recovery process and risk doing long-term damage to your body.

While you recover from your injuries, leave the matter of filing the case up to your motorcycle accident attorney. They can handle that task efficiently given their previous dealings with the courts. Allow your lawyer to take care of the filing, and you will not need to worry about the two-year statute of limitations for doing so.

Getting back on your feet following a motorcycle accident will not be easy, but we at The Broadway Law Firm are here to help. Focus first on your recovery and let us handle the legal matters. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the services we can provide.

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