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Will We See More RV Accidents in 2020?

The COVID-19 pandemic and health advisories have changed summer vacation plans for many families. Many people canceled flights and looked for other ways to travel and make the most of the summer. This has led families across the country to rent or purchase recreational vehicles (RVs), so they can head off on extended road trips.

RV travel can be convenient and comfortable, as you have a small home on wheels, and you can avoid hotels and air travel. However, RVs are large vehicles that can be very dangerous if they are involved in accidents. If an RV crashes into your car, it can cause devastating damage and injuries.

Risks of RVs

RVs and motorhomes come in many shapes and sizes, but they are almost always much larger than a regular passenger car or SUV. While these vehicles can accommodate families and their belonging for weeks on the road, they also present some unique risks, including:

  • Many RV drivers do not have any special training, so they might have difficulty maneuvering these large vehicles.
  • RVs are highly prone to rollover accidents, which can be deadly.
  • Many RV drivers try to push through and drive long hours to reach their destinations, which can lead to drowsy drivers or falling asleep behind the wheel.
  • RVs hold the entire family, so it is easy to become distracted by the others in the vehicle.

If an RV driver loses control or makes a mistake to cause your accident, you might have important legal rights.

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