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Should You Accept a Car Accident Insurance Settlement?

Following a car accident injury, it can easily become stressful to watch your medical bills mount as you cannot work during your recovery. If the insurance company of the driver who caused the crash offers you a settlement check, you might be tempted to take it, so that you know you will have at least some funds to cover your losses. However, if you accept an offer right away without the advice of a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, you will likely be leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

Insurance companies often offer quick settlements hoping that claimants accept them – even though the settlement amount is far less than the claimant deserves. This is all-too-often successful, and claimants who accept inadequate settlements sign away their rights to seek additional funds later on. These claimants are left to cover the rest of their losses out of their own pockets.

What Should You Do if You Receive an Insurance Offer?

If an insurance company reaches out and makes a settlement offer, you should go over the offer with an experienced attorney. The right lawyer can review your losses and advise you whether the offer is sufficient or not. If not, they can negotiate with the insurance company for the amount you truly deserve.

Always remember that an offer is not final, and there are options if you believe a settlement offer is too low. If you rush to receive a check, you could find yourself unnecessarily responsible for many costs stemming from the accident.

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