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What Should I do After a Slip and Fall in California?

Protecting Your Claim: Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident in California to Protect Your Right to Compensation

Falls are a common but still dangerous event for most people.  While data suggests that young children and elderly adults are most likely to suffer serious injuries after a fall, that does not mean that an otherwise healthy and younger adults cannot suffer serious injury.  Our Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers have handled many cases where completely healthy individuals have fallen and suffered signifiant and life-changing injuries.  Some have lost their ability to live or act independently, while very catastrophic cases have resulted in the wrongful death of an innocent person.  

If you or a loved one were seriously injured or if a loved one was wrongfully killed in a slip and fall in California, learn how the Broadway Law Firm can help you.  Our Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to present you and recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other damages related to your fall.  We also offer:

  • Free consultations to learn what your legal rights are and whether you have a case.
  • We pay the upfront costs and disbursements of litigation, including all medical record fees, expert costs, filing fees, postage, copying, travel, and other expenses related to your case. These fees are only reimbursed if we recover compensation for you.
  • Our attorney’s fees are contingent on recovering compensation for you, meaning we only get paid a percentage of what we recover for you and only after we recover it for you.  This means that there is a no win, no fee guarantee.

Were you injured in a slip, trip, and fall in California?  We can help.

Why Slip and Fall Cases Are Hotly Contested

While most personal injury cases are aggressively defended by insurance companies and defense lawyers, slip and fall cases are often some of the most contentious cases.  There are many reasons for this, including:

  • There is usually comparative fault in a slip and fall case, meaning that the victim also has some attributable faulty for causing the accident
  • California law imposes a “reasonable” duty of care on landowners, tenets, or maintainers, meaning there are many ways for a defendant to prove they complied with their duty 
  • Issue with fraud: Insurance adjusters are skeptical that some slip and fall victims did not get hurt elsewhere and pretend to get hurt on the property of another
  • Multiple defendants pointing finger at each other, especially because a store is often owned by a business, renting a location from a holding company/landlord, and there is a property manager, meaning all of these entities could potentially be liable for your harm
  • Some falls are caused by a third-party’s actions, such as another customer littering or spilling in a store and creating liability for a defendant, and
  • Since falls occur more likely to elderly adults, there are often co-morbidities or pre-existing injuries which can diminish the true value of a claim.

 Since many of these factors can effect the value of your slip and fall lawsuit in California, it is important to know how to protect your claim.  The best step is to ask for an experienced slip and fall lawyer like ours at the Broadway Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA.  But there are some other steps you can take before you have the opportunity to call a lawyer to support your claim.

Steps to Take to Protect Your Slip and Fall Claim 

Unlike a car accident which has a set order of steps (call police, exchange information, etc.), a slip, trip, and fall accident does not necessarily have that structure to follow.  This is particularly true if you are injured in an area like an outside sidewalk, field, deck, or part of a store where there is not a lot of traffic or people nearby to help.

Therefore, here are some important steps to help protect your claim and potentially maximize your recovery:

After a Fall Causing an Injury, Call 911

Even if you are not sure you are hurt and need medical attention, unless you are a trained medical provider you simply cannot make that call yourself.  Get a professional to come and evaluate you.  Some head injuries could result in a brain bleed that could have very little or hidden symptoms, yet if left untreated it could result in permanent brain damage or even be fatal.  If you are seriously hurt, make sure to explain every injury and the true level of your pain to first responders.  Do not try to be a hero—if it hurts, they need to know about it.

This now only helps protect your help, but it creates an official document and report that can be used to corroborate your claim.  This is because, even if you call for an ambulance, police will often respond and create a report as well.  Additionally, first responders can act as witnesses to both your injuries and a dangerous condition on the ground.  If a condition is particularly dangerous and reckless, there may even be grounds for a police officer to issue a citation or ticket, or record it in his or her report.  This will help your claim.

Tell a Store Employee or Manager to Complete an Incident Report

Most stores, especially larger chains, have an incident report system.  If you are injured, have an employee or manager create an incident report.  Oversee as much as you can to ensure that they are drafting a fair and reasonable report and not ignoring your injuries or the defect that caused your fall.  This is also an important record to support your case.

Take Photographs and Videos of the Defect, Signage, Lighting, and Your Injuries

They say a photograph speaks a thousand words, and it is true in front of a jury.  Take as much photographs and videos as you can (or have a friend or loved one do it) of the defect, your injuries, signage, and lighting.  Pay particular attention to whether there were any signs on the ground warning of a defect at the time of the accident.  Also if you feel in something wet and it got on your clothing, make sure to take a photograph of that too.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Whatever your doctor recommends, do it.  A non-compliant patient is a real problem in litigation because it can limit what damages you recover if a jury thinks you have contributed to your injuries by not listening to your physician.  

Do Not Speak with the Insurance Adjuster for the Store

Insurance adjusters in slip and fall accidents are notorious for trying to get victims to admit unsavory facts like they were not paying attention, they caused their own fall, they were already injured, and other factors that can hurt your case.  Just give them your basic contact information and advise your lawyer will reach out.

The Most Important Step: Hire an Experienced Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyer

To maximize your recovery, one of the best steps if not the most important steps is to call one of our experienced slip and fall lawyers at the Broadway Law Firm in Los Angeles, California.  This is the best way to protect your claim under California law.  We offer FREE consultations and pay the upfront costs of litigation, only getting those expenses and our lawyer fees paid if we recover compensation for you.  Learn more by dialing 213.344.0067 to schedule your FREE appointment or send us a secured message through our easy-to-use “contact us” box available here.

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